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Faculty of Health & Food Science

Professional Women in the Food Industry The university helps promote experts in public health and food who will take a leading role in the era of living 100 years or more. They will be equipped with diverse expertise required in public health and food industries for our healthy living as well as of our community and all humanity.

Department of Dental Hygiene

Department of Dental Hygiene

The department is dedicated to developing dental hygienists with the spirit of philanthropy
and serving who help prevent dental diseases for members of local communities and value
the dignity and rights of human lives.

  • Preventive dental hygiene, clinical dental hygiene, dental hygiene administration,
    local community dental hygiene, and other general education courses including career preparations
Career Opportunities
  • Dental college hospitals, general hospitals, dental clinics, public health offices,
    health promotion centers, national or local government facilities, organizations
    related to medical insurance, companies specializing in dental hygiene products,
    and medical officials in the military

Department of Health Administration

Department of Public Health Administration

The department nurtures professional medical management exports who will play
important roles in providing high quality administrative and medical services
in medical organizations in this era of medical information through systemic teaching of
management theories and methods.

  • Medical recording, medical terms, marketing, customer relationship management,
    clinical medical recording, medical insurance, classification of diseases and surgeries,
    medical statistics, medical record transcription, medical information management,
    medical regulations, medical insurance practices, insurance review and assessment,
    and database fundamentals
Career Opportunities
  • Medical record clerks in medical organizations, administrative clerks in research institutes,
    evaluators in insurance companies, and positions in the National Health Insurance Service

Department of Physical Therapy

Department of Physical Therapy

The department focuses on nurturing professional female physical therapists
who will contribute to improving the health and welfare of citizens through systemic understanding of theories, practices, and techniques in the field of physical therapy.

  • General study of physical therapy, rehabilitation Pilates, basic and advanced anatomy,
    hydrotherapy, exercise physiology, clinical exercise and practices, functional anatomy,
    nervous system examination and evaluation, radiography, sports physical therapy,
    exercise rehabilitation and taping, rehabilitation medicine, massaging therapy,
    and physical therapy for seniors
Career Opportunities
  • General (university) hospitals, traditional medicinal clinics, nursing hospitals,
    public health offices, professional rehabilitation hospitals, disabled and family welfare centers,
    senior welfare centers, local community senior health centers, children’s development centers,
    medical support centers in companies, trainers for professional sports clubs,
    Taeneung and Jincheon Training Centers under the Korean Olympic Committee, and sports science institutes

Department of Food & Nutrition

Department of Food & Nutrition

The department focuses on developing experts in nutrition, meal service, and food safety
who will contribute to improving the public health of local communities and citizens
through the obtainment of professional knowledge and practices. In this way, the department strives
for the health living of citizens by establishing proper dietary life.

  • Nutrition management, food sanitation management, cooking and meal service practices,
    and quality management
Career Opportunities
  • Meal nutritionists, nutrition consultants, hygienists, and quality management researchers

Department of Hotel Foodservice & Culinary Art

Department of Food & Culinary Art

The department is devoted to nurturing experts who will help create innovative food culture
through theoretical education that can identify characteristics of food, its nutritional values
as well as predict and utilize physical and chemical changes occurring in the process of preparing food
along with appropriate practices.

  • Study of food materials, food sanitation and regulations, global food culture,
    food equipment management, food science, public health, cooking principles,
    nutritional science, food industry practices, cooking practices,
    and start-up menu management
Career Opportunities
  • Positions in restaurant businesses, hotels, cooking institutes, and food stylists

Department of Baking & Confectionary

Department of Baking Science and Art

The department focuses on developing outstanding field-oriented, friendly experts in baking and confectionary through systemic theories and practices.

  • Confectionary theories, baking theories, baking and confectionary materials,
    career guidance, baking start-up business administration, baking and confectionary equipment management, practical English, fundamental baking practices, baking practices,
    fundamental confectionary practices, confectionary practices, cake decoration,
    decoration methods, special bread practices, dessert practices, experimental baking and confectionary, craft confectionary practices, and chocolate practices
Career Opportunities
  • Window bakery, franchises, hotels, cafés and cake shops, and in-store bakery

Department of Food Service Industry

Department of Food Service Industry

The department implements educational programs based on the NCS standards to promote experts who can play a vital role in the 21st century service era through professional knowledge, techniques, creativity, and service competitiveness in food and beverages.

  • Service manners, beverage production practices, food sanitation management,
    food planning practices, food and beverage business administration,
    customer service practices, food and beverage service practices, wine services,
    customers-oriented English training, service marketing, product development practices,
    espresso practices, hand-drip practices, hospitality industry service theories,
    global food and beverage culture, food science, food industry cooking practices,
    cafe menu planning, cooking principles, and food life and health
Career Opportunities
  • Hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops

Department of Medicinal Plants

Department of Medical plant

The department focuses on promoting experts in producing, managing, and utilizing medical plants through systemic theories and practices on medicinal plants and health supplemental food.

  • Medicinal plant theories, wild plants, principles of Yin and Yang, medicinal plant materials science, weed science, medicinal plants quality management, health supplements science, medical plant use, poisonous plants identification, and medical plants distribution
Career Opportunities
  • Medicinal plants resource manager, positions in export and import companies
    related to medicinal plants, pharmaceutical companies related to traditional medicine,
    cosmetics companies related to traditional medicine, companies producing health supplements,
    medicinal plant botanical garden, recreational forests, and forestry associations