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Faculty of Nursing

Warm-Hearted Nurses Practicing Humanism Our university helps promote humane, professional nurses who are dedicated to ceaseless self-development and obtainment of professional knowledge while being equipped with deep understanding and affection for members of our community.

Department of Nursing

Department of Nursing

The department focuses on nurturing world-class, professional nurses with the spirit of integrity, philanthropy, and serving as well as professional knowledge and techniques.

  • General Education Courses: understanding of human relationships, foreign language, communication, and computing
  • Major Courses: studying contents required by the nationally-administered exam for nurses, clinical courses, basic and clinical nursing, adult nursing, maternity nursing, child health nursing, psychiatric mental health nursing, community health nursing, nursing management, medical regulations, integrated clinical training, nursing study methodology, and emergency nursing
Career Opportunities
  • Employment in general hospitals, specialized hospitals for women, psychiatrics, seniors, and neurology, industrial nurses, public servants specializing in nursing, nursing teachers, and nursing instructors