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President’s Greetings

Good family Good Neighbor. A university with joyful campus and enjoyable learning that provides promising jobs for students and contributes to local communities!
Suwon Women’s University President

We welcome all of you to Suwon Women’s University. Created in 1969, our university, with three pillars―integrity, philanthropy, and serving―has experienced continual development and growth, contributing to the transformation of industrial development across the country through promotion of innovative, active, and professional women who will be leaders of the 21st century and the integration of specialized education and spirit of serving.

To grow into an outstanding educational institution in this ever-competitive global environment, we focus on implementing systemic, long-term development master strategies centered on seven core tasks and projects related to them. These core tasks include: improvement of the brand as a university contributing to the community; improvement of growth potential through innovate business administration system; securement of high quality individuals for enrollment and improvement of the university’s image; establishment of the human resource development system adapting actively to changes of career world; establishment of the career development system tailored to nurturing professional careerists; establishment of the university as a collaborative institution with the private sector; and operation of international exchange programs to improve the quality of career education. Our efforts, so far, have produced positive results in many performance measures.  

Especially, to produce professional women urgently needed by our current and future community, we divided our academics into four faculties and 26 departments, offering customized courses to our students.

We pride ourselves on playing a major role in the development of our community through diverse collaborations with the government and the private sector in fields as wide as nursing and public health, food processing, information technology, children’s education, media design, social welfare, and culture and art.

In addition, Suwon Women’s University focuses on establishing a students-oriented educational environment and promoting field-oriented female experts. To do so, Suwon Women’s University has established the multi-class system, hired outstanding faculty members, installed advanced equipment for experiments and practices, developed educational programs based on the NCS standards, and built infrastructures to improve the educational environment. Over 5,000 students and staff, along with 30,000 alumni, have been working together to make us one of the best women’s universities in the world.

Our entire staff and faculty members will do everything to ensure that our students will enjoy fun campus life, appreciate exciting learning, and relish the bright job opportunities. We will also make every effort to serve and contribute to our community.

We ask for the continual interests of our prospective students, current students, alumni, parents, and members of local community in Suwon Women’s University and hope your journey will always be with us.

Thank you very much.

President of Suwon Women’s University