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Educational Philosophy

Educational Purpose of the University

We are dedicated to contributing to our society and actualization of life career education. We focus on nurturing individuals contributing to our communities based on the spirit of integrity, philanthropy, and serving; active experts with professional and practical capabilities adapting to the changes of the industrial environment; and innovative, global career women with global sensibilities and refinement.

  • Philosophy

    수원여자대학교 SUWON WOMEN'S UNIVERSITY : 성실, 봉사, 박애
  • Goals

    • Emotion
      Nurturing talented women withhumane leadership
    • Creative
      Nurturing innovativewomen at the centerof the world
    • Global
      Nurturing global women with global refinement
    • Professional
      Nurturing women with professional, practical capabilities
  • Mission

    Contributing to the Community by Nurturing Individuals Dedicated to Principles of Integrity, Philanthropy, and Serving
  • Vision

    2020 Core Capacity A+ University
    A+ SWWU