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University Symbol

Symbol Mark

The main color of the logo is designed as in red (golden red color), which shows the highest preference as a result of the questionnaire survey for the school’s staff and students. Yellow and purple are designed as subsidiary colors. This logo utilizes an S character, which is the first character of Suwon Women’s University; the symbol with modern visualization represents the university’s commitment to be a leader in the future digitalized world.


  • Roses

    The rose, the long-time unofficial flower of the university, became the official one. It symbolizes vibrant women, and its thorns convey diverse characteristics of modern women with unique taste and elegance.


  • Ginkgo Tree

    The ginkgo tree changes its color as the seasons change. It bears fruits in fall, a magnificent period of the season. Although its exterior skin may produce odor and inflammation, it serves as an effective traditional medicine called Baekja. The tree expresses women who adapt and innovate to the changing times and conforms to the ideals of successful, elegant Korean women.